Griffin UP LATE


Join a hand-picked collection of nocturnal singers, joke-makers and storytellers at our next GRIFFIN UP LATE – a post-show jam of music and chortles.

Stick around (or rock up) for 9.30pm on Friday 21 April, as following Declan Greene’s outrageous The Homosexuals, we’ll be keeping the lights on and making some (very entertaining) noise until late (well, 10.30pm, so pretty early actually, but you get it).

The line-up welcomes comedian Jordan Raskopoulos (Axis of Awesome), divine cabaret artiste Mama Alto, musical theatre legend Simon Burke and talky talker Phil Spencer (Story Club).


SBW Stables Theatre @ 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross


$10 pre-sale and $15 on the door


Visit welcome.griffintheatre website