Let’s face it, a relationship with creativity can feel complex.

For some, it's a profession with its own unique challenges, for others it's a "someday" that seems to get further and further away.

“The artistic process seems to be mythologized quite a lot into something far greater than it actually is" - Nick Cave

There's a direct link between how creative you are and how well you're looking after yourself. How do we nurture passion and juggle it with the rest of life’s demands?

At The indigo project, we understand how your creative mind works and specialise in helping you get back into your flow. We want to see you do the work you love and not be held back by the bullshit of the so-called “real world”.

This 8-week program encompasses science-backed training in mindfulness practices, life skills, stress management and wellbeing, while helping you to develop positive creative habits. We want to create the perfect conditions in your mind for creativity to flourish.

This course will also allow you to develop your artistic and expressive skills, culminating in the creation of a project that will come to fruition over the eight weeks.

GYST: For Creatives is led by our Principal Psychologist and Founder of The indigo project, Mary Hoang. Mary specialises in working with those in creative fields and has presented at Vivid Ideas on Creativity. As a ‘personal trainer for the mind’ she teaches simple and creative practices to get people out of their busy minds and into the here and now.

How to deal with your creative blocks
How to be fully present, right here and now
How to work with fear of failure, performance anxiety, and perfectionism
How to deal with creative jealousy
How to do away with procrastination, and improve your time management skills
How to increase self-awareness and self-acceptance
Improve your self-esteem, communication skills and relationships
Increase your creative potential, learning to say no (or yes!)
And most importantly… How to find the time and energy for your creative practice.

Fashion Designers, Motivational Speakers, Advertising Creatives, Visual Artists, Musicians, Graphic Novellists, Music Producers, MC's, Burlesque Dancers, Podcast Hosts, Extreme Sports Enthusisasts, Film Directors, Costume Makers, Designers, Architects

Mary Hoang
Principal Psychologist
Richard Lucano
Music Producer/Creative Strategist (YOND.)


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