The Imperial Bells of China - Chimes in Concert


Led by the conductor Zhou Wen, over 40 talented musicians will play a series of famous Chinese music.

In a unique display unlike any other orchestral performance, the internationally acclaimed Hubei Chime Bells National Chinese Orchestra brings The Imperial Bells of China - Chimes in Concert to Australia.

Together with Bianqing (stone-chime) and other ancient instruments, like se, chi, drum and banjo, chime bells are the earliest twelve-tone equal temperament instruments in the world and have major cultural and historical values.

Led by the conductor Zhou Wen, over 40 talented musicians will play a series of famous Chinese music at the concerts. The use of the precise replicas of these ancient Chinese bells creates an authentic melodious timbre sound. The grand occasion of the Chinese palace symphony orchestra will be recreated and the ancient Jingchu people’s artistic lifestyle will be reproduced on stage.

Not only is the sound of the bells filled with romantic and sonorous melodies but they are also visually breathtaking due to their grand scale and elaborate cast technique. The Imperial of China represents a ritual in China’s outbound cultural exchanges, it has been performed in front of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Egyptian Present Abdel Fattah, the king and queen of Belgium and many more during the official visits and all across 57 countries and regions for more than 1000 times.

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Program Menu

1. Chime Music- Harmony of Peace
A piece of ancient music

Renowned as one of the Eight Wonders of the World, Bianzhong of Marquis Yi of Zeng (also known as Chinese Chime bells) represents the wisdom of human civilization. Harmony of Peace, represents the colourful arts and culture in the royal palace, the life of people who were busy working in the fields, and poems reflecting life in the most glorious and peaceful dynasty of China.

2. Folk Orchestra Dance of the Yao
Music: Liu Tieshan, Mao Yuan
Lead Gaohu Artist: Hu Jian (State First –Class Artist)

Based on the folk dance "Long Drum Singing and Dance", the musicians vividly demonstrate the singing and dancing scenes of the Yao people. This beautiful melody reflects their versatile daily life.

3. Female Solo Singing
Singing Artist: Ma Yaqin (State First –Class Artist)
1) The Waves on the Lake Honghu
2) No Tears No Sorrow

This piece of music is adapted from opera "The Red Guards on Lake Honghu". Honghu is known as a ‘land of Honey and Milk’ in China. Hard-working and courageous Honghu people lived and worked for generations on this abundant land. When the invaders trampled their land, Honghu people carried out indomitable defence. The song reflects their heroic spirits.

4. Bamboo Flute Solo – The Narrative of Broken Bridge
Flute Artist: Zhang Hongyang (State First –Class Artist)

As one of the most famous works in the history of Chinese drama, "Madame White Snake" has been interpreted by various genres of Chinese opera. "The Narrative of Broken Bridge" played by bamboo flute is adapted from the Yue opera version of "Madame White Snake", which is regarded as one of the most successful versions. The narrative melody reproduces the scenes of how Xu Xian and Madame White Snake met and fell in love with each other along the West Lake of Hangzhou.

5. Chime Music Chu Folk Song
Music: Tian Shichang

The melody of the song is simple and elegant, with a typical Chu style. This song is also one of the pieces of Harmony of Eight Tones which was composed by musicians from Hubei Opera and Dance Drama Theatre based on historical documents.

6. Chinese Folk Orchestra Silk Road
Music: Jiang Ying

This song fully uses the characteristics of Chinese folk musical instruments while mixing it with elements of Flamenco, Tango and Tap, enabling the song to be extraordinarily vibrant while profoundly reflecting the rich music culture of "Silk Road".


7. Music of Getian Tribe - God Bird
Music: Gao Hongxiang & Li Fubin

"God Bird" is the first chapter of the Getian music series. It is a totem that people worshiped in ancient times. The melody of this piece of music is led by musical instruments originating from pre-Qin period, among them the sound of bianzhong, xun, chi, gan, rawap, bell and qin stand out.

8. Male Solo Singing
1) Love to the Three Gorges
2) I’m Like a Snow Flake Falling From the Sky

Singing Artist: Qin Desong (State First-Class Artist)

Love to the Three Gorges expresses the strong love the author has for his hometown.
I’m Like a Snow Flake Falling from the Sky expresses his euphoric feeling of pure love as he melts with the snow and autumn leaves.

9. Ancient Chime Music – Harmony of Eight Tones
This piece of music reflects the harmony of the eight tones which includes gold, stone, silk, bamboo, guord, earth, leather and wood in ancient times, and which reflects the feature of the music in the most prosperous Chu period.

1) A Bianzhong Piece - The Night Mooring
2) A Bianqin Piece - Flowing Water
3) A Se Piece - Fish Pond Under the Silver Moon

10. Chime Music – Impression of Chu
Music: Tang Jianping

Invited by China Hubei Chime Orchestra, the famous Chinese composer Tang Jianping composed this full length music in 2010. The music is composed of six parts: "Ancient Echo", "Shen Nong", "Terra Cotta", "Silk", "Fire" and "Bronze", demonstrating the advanced techniques and constant striving spirit of Chu people, and their exquisite arts culture including terra cotta artifacts, silks and bronze artifacts.

11. Folk Orchestra – My Homeland
Music: Liu Wenjin

This song has been re-written by Mr Liu Wenjin who is known as one of the most influential composers in China. The tones of the song are magnificently broad, smooth, and passionate. It expresses the sincere love of the Chinese People for their homeland.

1 Waltzing Matilda (Australian)
2 Radetzky March (Vienna)
3 Pokarekare Ana (New Zealand)

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