Air Water Love


Explore contemporary art from a cross-cultural women's perspective on climate change.

AIR WATER LOVE is a contemporary art exhibition presented by the CHINA CULTURAL CENTRE SYDNEY in support of INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY, which is a creative dialogue between Australian Chinese women artists and Australian women artist that reflect the cultural diversity of our contemporary community.

It is the second series exhibition held by the CHINA CULTURAL CENTRE SYDNEY, following the successful WHOSE STORY IS THIS?..anyway! in 2020 that makes a strong commitment to celebrating and valuing womenís voices in contemporary art and to the significance of how women perceive and see the world around themselves, including the influential Australian Chinese artist Lindy Lee.

Today the greatest challenge confronting humanity, and the future of this world, this planet that we live on, is how we collectively consider our environment. This exhibition privileges cross-cultural womenís perspective on the crisis of climate change, and how we develop our understandings for an ecologically sustainable future.

Air Water Love examines the fragility of our natural environment and reminds us that we need to listen to and increase our awareness of the planetís warnings regarding the precariousness of our environment, and the need to change the ways we live in this world.

International Womenís Day is a platform for women, across cultures, Chinese and Australian, coming together to express their concerns about climate change, the environment, and the need to deal with these issues differently. With the power of love if we are to continue to breathe the clean air, and drink the clean water that sustains life.

Nicholas Tsoutas

Bingbing Chen
Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen
Maddison Gibbs
Anne Graham
Hong Li
Noelene Lucas
Pamela See
Anne Zahalka

Covid-Safe guidelines
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Hygiene procedure, registration and temperature measurement will be taken upon arrival.
The social distance of 1.5 metres will be maintained at all times.
Wearing a mask is highly recommended during visiting.


China Cultural Centre in Sydney @ 1/151 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia



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