This time of pandemic is surreal, isolating, traumatic, tragic, frustrating, inevitable. Whatever you think it is, it’s something we have never experienced before. It’s a time for a reset in terms of how we live and design is key. Designers and creative thinkers are uniquely equipped to imagine new ways of living, working, engaging with others in families, societies and urban environments.

Design Isolate is an Australian Design Centre initiative to show how creative thought can help lead the way for change. Over 60 designers/creative thinkers have captured their thoughts in sketches, diagrams, drawings, text or collage on Covid-19, isolation, what ‘a new normal’ in Australia might look like, how they are affected and how design might contribute to recovery post-pandemic.

Creativity During Covid Panel Discussion
Thu 13 January at 6.30pm
Runtime: 90 mins
$10 Student
$15 General Admission

A panel of designers and curators involved in the?Design Isolate?exhibition and museum collecting will talk about their experiences during Covid-19.? How has the pandemic affected their practice? Was it a fertile time for creativity? How do they make sense of a new normal? What can we learn from this experience and how can we capture these defining moments?? This discussion will be facilitated by ADC’s Lisa Cahill with journal contributors Stephen Goddard, Melinda Young, Deborah Burdett, Gillian Corban and Craig Middleton from the National Museum of Australia’s Covid collecting project. Come along and share your own stories about you creative Covid experience and hear how our panellists navigated the pandemic.

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Australian Design Centre @ 101-115 William St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia




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