HERE I AM: Art By Great Women


The spirit of NAIDOC Week will continue into January next year as HERE I AM: Art By Great Women finds a home at Darling Quarter.

Launched in celebration of NAIDOC Week, HERE I AM: Art By Great Women showcases the work of eight female contemporary Indigenous artists. Free of charge and accessible 24 hours a day, the exhibition will remain at Darling Quarter until January 30, 2021.

Featuring two pieces of artwork each from eight incredible Australian Indigenous artists, members of the public are invited to wander through the Civic Connector, located outdoors in between the two Commonwealth Bank buildings, to view the large-scale cubes which act as the canvases for these moving murals.

Darling Quarter Marketing Manager, Adelaide Dias, said, “We feel extremely lucky to have partnered with aMBUSH Gallery, who conceived the idea for HERE I AM: Art By Great Women as a way to champion female artists.
“We are proud supporters of NAIDOC Week and the Indigenous community and wanted to create an interactive experience that could remain at Darling Quarter for an extended period of time.”

HERE I AM: Art By Great Women includes the work of Noni Cragg, Elizabeth Close, Jody Haines, Molly Hunt, Lucy Simpson, Kate Constantine, Bronwyn Bancroft, and Amala Groom. The artwork displayed includes photography, illustration, and painting, and covers a diversity of styles such as street art, contemporary and traditional.

For more information, please visit the Darling Quarter website.


Darling Quarter @ 1 Harbour Street, Sydney NSW 2000




Through Darling Quarter website

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