Kim Carpenter Exhibition: The Happy Prince - Oscar Wilde's most famous story


An exhibition of 26 original detailed watercolour paintings on paper, by Kim Carpenter AM. The paintings present a narrative of 'The Happy Prince' and celebrate Oscar Wilde's most famous story. Acclaimed theatre director/devisor/designer Kim Carpenter, recently collaborated on an adaptation with The Australian Ballet Company of 'The Happy Prince', also designing the sets and costumes. The production Premiered in Brisbane in February 2020, but performances have been cancelled in both Melbourne and Sydney and the future remains uncertain. This exciting collaboration further fuelled Carpenter's extraordinary imagination and Covid lockdown allowed him an absorbing and driven creative period.

Carpenter's images are imaginative and whimsical, playful and atmospheric - they reflect Oscar Wilde's wit, poetry and social commentary. The recent pandemic has highlighted the divisions in society that Wilde wrote about in his story, first published in 1888.

Kim Carpenter AM was the Founder & Artistic Director of Theatre of Image for 30 years - Australia's premier family theatre company. In 2019 he closed the company to focus on more personal work and collaborations, such as that with The Australian Ballet Company.

On the 16 October it will be Oscar Wilde's 166th year anniversary. Born in 1854, he died 30 November 1900. This exhibition is both a celebration of Oscar Wilde's most famous story and Kim Carpenter's collaboration with The Australian Ballet Company.


ARO Gallery @ 51 William St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia




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