Paintings by Marita Brahe and Ross Coady


Personal experiences revealed within paintings from the past year.

Marita Brahe:

“I am indebted to the inspirational teaching of John Ogburn which revealed to me our Western Tradition and also to the support of the Harrington Street Gallery co-operative and its ideals.

That my painting has, I think, been able to grow and hopefully advance, I am beholden to these two. Without them, my painting would by now, I am sure, be dull and repetitious.”

Ross Coady:

As a young painter, I was introduced by John Ogburn to two approaches to painting which have remained invaluable.

In one approach I work from something I want express, be it clear or embryonic. In the other I just start painting, sustained only by my affection for the medium, and see where it leads me.

Within both of these approaches, I try to keep myself open to catching a glimpse of the face or personality of the painting, then to assist that emerging personality in reaching its maturity.


Harrington Street Gallery @ 17 Meagher St, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia



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