Tails of Trickery Dinner and Magic Show


Tails of Trickery
Dinner and Magic Show

“Magic is always impossible”, said the magician. “It begins with the impossible and ends with the impossible and is impossible in between. That is why it is magic.”

Set in the magician’s very own habitat, a magician’s theatre, surrounded with top hats, props and magic memorabilia. After a three course candle lit dinner, escape your inhibiting bonds of logic and indulge in the fascinating art of magic. Along with storytelling and a parade of surprises, the magician leads you down a rabbit hole and onto a roller coaster of thrills, surprises and wonder. Then at the end have a drink at the magicians top hat bar and ponder about the magic that is all around us.

Make bookings at our Covid safe venue - www.themagicianscabaret.com

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The Magician's Cabaret Sydney @ 91 Riley St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia


02 92674747, https://themagicianscabaret.com/

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