Inspired by Bach


Like his father Johann Sebastian, CPE Bach was one of the most celebrated composers of his day, and his voice was just as original.

Written as music evolved from Baroque to Classical, his Symphony in A is, in equal parts, opulent and bright – a masterful progression of his father’s style, superbly heard in Johann Sebastian’s Concerto for Oboe and Violin. This shining example of what made the older Bach the master of the Baroque is an opportunity for Sydney Symphony soloists to shine as well.

Inspired by both Bachs, as well as Mozart and Haydn, Mendelssohn’s String Symphony completes this captivating performance. While there are musical nods to the old masters throughout, this work’s infectious happiness is the composer's music at its most glorious.


CPE BACH Symphony in A
JS BACH Concerto for Oboe and Violin
MENDELSSOHN String Symphony No.7


City Recital Hall Angel Place @ 2 Angel Place, Sydney, NSW 2000




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