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THE PATH to PA'A is our Gateway Workshop to learning about Hawaiian Spirituality and Hawaiian Healing. It shows you how to apply the Ancestral Teachings to heal your life and live in a simple, yet authentically Spiritually connected.

PA'A is a state of being. When you achieve this state or way of living, you are in the correct alignment Spiritually, Mentally, Physically - in that order. As you move toward becoming PA'A you heal your life. When you achieve PA'A you attain MASTERY. Our Ancestors have laid out the teachings for us to follow so that we can live as part of the whole Universe, in Oneness and Wholeness without Separation. In this workshop, you begin the teachings. It's healing for life and our aina - land...


- Participate in Protocol/Ceremony for Cleansing, Connection & Honouring the Ancestors
- Learn the Universal Symbol for Life: What it Means for You
- PA’A: what it means and how to get there
- PAPA: the layers and levels of Hawaiian Spiritual Foundations
- The Higher Being, ‘aumakua/Guardians, Po’e Kahiko/Ancestors: Connection and Relationship
- Pule/Prayer & Oli/Chant: you will learn two Hawaiian Chants
- Mo’olelo/Teaching Stories: listen, learn, discuss and apply
- The First Layer of Teachings: For Living & Healing

join the Closed Facebook Group with resources & information we won't be including in the workshop an optional follow up online class to consolidate your learning

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WHERE? Sydney: Peace Park Oxford Falls - Oxford Falls is about 20 minutes from Manly &; Chatswood; 30 minutes from Hornsby and the City Centre; 50 minutes from Parramatta. Feel like you're on a Country Retreat. If the weather is fine we will Chant and do other teachings outside with Nature - it's an ecstatic experience to expand your mental and spiritual awareness and show you how the Ancestors respond to you when you're moving in the right direction.


Supercharge your Spirit Power in this 1 Day Workshop...

Hula introduces you to the profound spirituality and traditional teachings of the Kanaka Maoli - the First Hawaiians. You can learn how live these sacred teachings in your life to bring lasting healing, happiness and well-being. For 50+ Generations we have lived these teachings and we share them with you in this workshop.

We are taught to live our lives with Aloha Kekahi i Kekahi, complete & unconditional love for all things in this Universe, with the understanding that the Ancestors are always looking for opportunities to teach and guide us. Hula is one of those opportunities where you have direct experience of the Ancestors.

If you really want to live with the presence of the Ancestors, heal your life, and let the passion of your Spirit guide you, don't miss this Workshop. It's always popular and this year we'll be continuing it every 2nd Month under the Full Moon or New Moon.

From start to finish it's a feast of Traditional Teachings:
- Learn the Story of Hula and Laka the Goddess of Hula
- Learn to Oli (Chant): you’ll learn 2 chants - Learn to Pule (Pray) the Hawaiian Way - Begin learning the foundation teachings for healing for life
- Learn Basic Hula Dance Steps
- Learn to Dance a Complete Hula
- a take home video, follow up online class to consolidate your learning, downloadable resources from our Closed Facebook Group to help you continue learning
- There's 2 Facilitators so you'll get plenty of attention


Oxford Falls Peace Park @ Dreadnought Rd, Oxford Falls NSW 2100, Australia


$80 per person per workshop


Through Massagemanly website

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