2020 Sydney Fashion Walk


There are many events in the Sydney calendar where cultural and individual diversity can be openly expressed and celebrated - Medfest, Smash, Supanova, Mardi Gras and more.

The 2020 Sydney Fashion Walk is an event designed to combine and celebrate diversity across all groups of our multifaceted community through the art of fashion. It is an opportunity and an invitation for locals and visitors to dress-up and walk together as a united parade of colourful self-expression.

Creative costumes that express individuality including self-designed, characters from movies, fairytales, gaming and cartoon characters, cosplay, traditional dress, and LGBIT will ensure an unforgettable event. Our hope is to extend the concept to other communities around Australia so they may also experience a similar sense of fun and unity.

Key Event Highlights
Fashion Walk Street Parade
Thank our Rural Fire Service and SES Heroes
Live Music
Food Stalls and Local Business Promotion
Live Streaming

This event was originally set to happen in April but because of Covid-19 it was rescheduled.


Rhodes Waterside @ 1 Rider Blvd, Rhodes NSW 2138, Australia


Visitor Free Entry



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