A Nobuhiko Obayashi Tribute


The Japanese Film Festival presents a special film series that celebrates the late director Nobuhiko Obayashi (1938-2020), an endlessly innovative filmmaker, screenwriter and editor.

This program comprises the director’s final four films, which represent his life's mission to inspire peace through his works. Casting Blossoms to the Sky, Seven Weeks and HANAGATAMI are a trilogy of films conceived in response to the nuclear disaster following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, in which Obayashi ruminates on war, nuclear power, community and the lasting impact of tragedy and loss. Labyrinth of Cinema saw Obayashi return to his hometown to shoot his final opus, a culmination of these themes and an homage to his love for cinema.

Bookings are now available in person and online (online bookings incur a $2.50 booking fee)


Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace @ 380 Military Rd, Cremorne




Through japanesefilmfestival website

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