Host a BarbeCURE for Cure Cancer


Everyone loves a barbecue – it brings people together.

On May 16, National BBQ Day, Cure Cancer, in partnership with Barbeques Galore, are asking the nation to turn on their BBQs and bring their friends, families, communities, and colleagues together for a BarbeCURE - an Aussie barbie that raises money for cancer research.

Barbeques Galore are also getting behind the grill on National Barbeque Day for cancer research. Visit your nearest Barbeques Galore store to join in one of their sausage sizzles, or fundraising activities, all raising funds for some of the world’s brightest cancer researchers.

Every four minutes, an Australian finds out they have cancer. Our early-career cancer researchers are determined to continue their work to find a cure.

Funds raised via the campaign will support our cancer researchers and help them to continue their vital work.

Over the past 4 years BarbeCURE has raised $973,000 towards life-saving cancer research. Help us reach $1 Million, this National BBQ Day.

A big, small or even a virtual BBQ make a difference. The more BarbeCUREs we have – the greatest chance we have at beating this terrible disease.

So, get your friends, family and loved ones together, register online and fire up that BBQ.
Together, let's Cure Cancer, one BarbeCURE at a time!

REGISTER NOW via curecancer website


Anywhere you can light up a barbie!




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