Talk: Clare Stapleton, "Cemeteries of Concord"


When St Mary's Catholic Church, Concord, began research for a publication of its history, Clare Stapleton was involved. She was surprised at the number of people who were not included in the 1890 list of those buried at Longbottom Cemetery in Flavelle Street, Concord, but were known by her family members (long-time residents of the area) to have been buried there.

Clare began compiling a list, not only of family members but of others who were buried in the cemetery. There was also a local tradition that some individuals had been buried at St Mary's itself. This led her to investigate whether there were other burial sites in the district and eventually led to the publication of her book, Cemeteries of Concord.


City of Canada Bay Museum @ 1 Bent Street, Concord, NSW 2137


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