Balloon Aloft Sydney


After a cup of coffee or tea and a flight briefing, passengers are transported to the chosen launch site for the day. Launch sites are dotted around the area, assuring you of a wonderful view no matter which direction the wind is coming from. The views are breathtaking and you can see how vast the Greater Sydney Basin is once aloft.

The balloon is inflated and the passengers get in. The balloon lifts off the ground effortlessly and the wonderful experience begins.

Look out one side of the basket and you can see the Blue Mountains, look out the other side, and on a clear day you can see the Sydney skyline and the Pacific Ocean glistening in the distance. At the final landing point, the retrieve crew assist in packing up the envelope and basket, and everyone is returned to the Camden Valley Inn for a hot catered breakfast and traditional champagne celebration.

You will receive a flight certificate to commemorate the morning with our compliments.




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