David Williamson's Managing Carmen


The next production at The Guild Theatre is Managing Carmen, a comedy written in 2012 by acclaimed Australian playwright David Williamson.

Brent (played by Russell Godwin) is a young, handsome AFL star. Brent’s ruthless manager Rohan (David Hines) is loud-mouthed, abrasive and loves all the money that Brent is making him. Rohan is being offered hundreds of thousands of dollars for advertisements with Brent’s endorsement but he cannot put Brent in front of the cameras; Brent is a completely wooden actor and cannot learn to loosen up.

Desperate, Rohan hires Jessica, a consultant psychologist (played by Donna Randall) to ‘unlock’ Brent so he can avail of these lucrative advertising deals. Jessica discovers that Brent has a surprising secret; a quirky addiction that could be enough to ruin Brent’s AFL career, as well as his already rocky relationship with his self-absorbed trophy girlfriend, Clara (Caitlin Gleeson). To make matters worse, the notorious sports journalist Max Upfield (Chad Smith) senses a story and is continuously digging for clues as to what might be going on with Brent.

This modern, fast-paced comedy contains 41 scenes, a great deal of original film content and original music composed by cast member David Hines. Come along to the second production in our 2019 season and get caught up in this Australian comedy created by Australia’s most well-known playwright.

Performances are at 8 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays and 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. There is an additional Saturday evening show at 8 pm on the 7th of June.

The Guild Theatre is located right beside Rockdale train station. With a great range of local eateries in the area, why not do dinner and a show?

Please note that there is some strong language in the play.


Guild Theatre, Rockdale @ 87 Railway Street, Rockdale NSW 2216


Tickets are $25 ($20 concession). All tickets are $20 on Wednesdays.


Online: guildtheatre website or phone (from April 24th): 02 9520 7364

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