Three Sisters by Anton Chekov


In a remote Russian town, Olga, Masha and Irina yearn for their old life in Moscow. They dream of excitement, freedom and romance, but it seems heartbreak is all they’re going to get.

Young and full of ambition, Irina wants to have a real purpose – to work, to give back. Masha, stuck in what has become a loveless marriage, wants to feel the electric rush of passion once more. While Olga, the eldest, gives and gives until there is almost nothing left.

Set across a span of several years,Sydney Theatre Company's production of Anton Chekhov’s masterpiece, Three Sisters, reveals the hopes, the loves and the sacrifices of its three sisters and the many people who cross their paths. In a world falling apart at the seams, people will go on living, loving and laughing. The human heart beats strong even in a vacuum.

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Sydney Opera House @ 2 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW, 2000, Australia


$61 - $84