Online: Change Fatigue Management for EAPA


In a fast-paced and ever changing world – particularly in the face of current uncertainty across the globe – the requirement for EA’s and PA’s to adapt and keep up with change is becoming ever more demanding. EA’s and PA’s are the much needed support for organisations to perform effectively and achieve their goals, which also means they need to look after themselves first so they are in the best position to support a team’s or organisation’s success.

By learning the ways to manage fatigue, and ultimately stress, you will be able to work more effectively, make decisions more easily, have more energy, trust yourself and others more readily, access your intuition, and work within your desired boundaries of time and responsibilities. In this experiential workshop, you will learn different ways to manage yourself in demanding and challenging times, which is good for you, your team and organisation. You will also understand what is happening to the mind and body from a neuroscience perspective, so you can make informed choices, which will support you to create successful decisions and outcomes. This means understanding what happens to you when fatigue sets in - the specific clues that let you know you require a new strategy of working, as well as the implications for not making change when under stress.

By changing and choosing new habits that will help you manage, avoid or overcome fatigue, you will be able to meet your tasks and goals more effectively, maintain your professional integrity and value, together with feeling more energised and in control of your work, life and career. With this foundation, you will also be supporting your team and organisation to achieve its goals and requirements. You will also set personal goals for yourself in alignment with what you know is important for you – including setting boundaries – which will give you more energy and freedom to do the job and create the outcomes you want to achieve


Live Webinar (AEST)




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