Online: Governance, Risk & Compliance Masterclass


Establishing effective compliance and risk management frameworks is a momentous task for any organisation. Often the effort of developing a solid framework is matched by the effort of continuously improving it. In mid to large organisations across the corporate sector, risk and compliance managers receive an almost unmanageable amount of data and information. More often than not, risks remain deeply buried within this data, until inevitably they become apparent. At this point, it is too late!
In this virtual masterclass, delegates will learn to not only implement an effectual GRC framework, but uncover tips and tricks to improve their existing governance, risk and compliance outlooks. This masterclass will teach delegates how to effectively gather, collate and interpret various information silos across a business, and strengthen GRC frameworks in the process.

This is your chance to foster assurance in your GRC frameworks and develop consistent processes to assess risks throughout your organisation.

The virtual masterclass will feature interactive case studies from senior decision-makers in a multitude of industries. This masterclass promises to encompass an even greater array of speakers. Don’t miss out on your chance to hear risk and compliance perspectives from industry experts.


Live Webinar (AEDT)




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