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Sydney city harbour walks photography focused events.
Get all the local information on the amazing sites in and around Sydney harbour (south side). We provide all the tips in helping you capture amazing photos of your holidays. Photography tips and direction are provided by a professional photographer.

If you don't have a camera we can take professional shots of you and your travelling friends so you can relive all those amazing experiences when you get back home.

Invite your travelling companions, surprise and spoil them at this event.

Visit our about page on the website for more information about us.

PS. Pre sunset walks highly encouraged. Weekends only. All welcome and please note, by the nature of the event, you will need to be able to walk comfortably for 2 or more hours. Stopping every so often to take photos and hear of the rich history of Sydney Harbour.

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31 Alfred Street Sydney NSW 2000


Price varies and is based on hours and number of people booked on each walk


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