The Ethics of Disagreement with Dr Luara Ferracioli and Dr Samuel Shpall


The Ethics Centre, presenter of The Festival of Dangerous Ideas, has announced a new interactive trilogy of thought experiments. The new series “The Ethics of…” will see Australia’s leading experts in ethics and philosophy unpack human complexities and facilitating new avenues for discourse and in-depth self-reflection.

The last workshop of the series, “The Ethics of Disagreement, ”will see Sydney University philosophers (and friends who argue) Dr Luara Ferracioli and Dr Samuel Shpall challenging audiences to disagree and stay friends, as they take audiences through an interactive thought experiment exploring the art and ethics of disagreement.

We can’t agree on much these days, but one thing we can agree on is that we’re not good at disagreeing. We seem to be unable to debate about anything that matters in a fair and rational way. So how do we keep friendships intact and still get our opinion across?

The event is available to attend live in Sydney and will be live-streamed to a digital audience.

This marks the last of “The Ethics of…” trilogy, with first workshop “The Ethics of Forgiveness” running in March and “The Ethics of Trust in April.

Digital tickets start at $14 and a multi-pack option of seeing all 3 for $30. Tickets are available for purchase


Level 1, 161 Castlereagh St Sydney, 2000


Tickets start from $14


Through ethics website

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