Virtual Talk: Life in Medieval Times


Life in Medieval Times with Carmel Bendon
A Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts event
Wednesday, 17 February 2021, 12:30pm – 1:30pm AEST – free virtual event via Zoom

Knights, ladies, castles – these are often the popular images of the Middle Ages. But the reality of life then was actually much harsher, and more interesting. Despite poor hygiene, low life expectancy, and a meagre diet, medieval life had its own particular joys, and was a time that produced such important things as the printing press, eyeglasses, double-entry book-keeping and the mechanical clock, as well as some profound philosophical insights and wonderful literature.

Join Carmel Bendon as she takes us through life in medieval times, exploring topics including the composition of medieval society, the status of women, life in towns vs. rural areas, the role of the Church, approach to health and disease, pilgrimage, and the medieval understanding of the ‘universe’ and its application to everyday life.

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Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts @ 280 Pitt Street, Sydney





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