Start Yachting


RYA Start Yacht Course Duration: Part time course: 15 hours, comprising four x 3 hour on board practical lessons plus a theory session and a FREE EastSail club race. Alternatively this beginners course can also be done as a weekend live-board sailing course.

Rigging the yacht
All points of sailing
Safety & use of equipment
Nautical terminology
Downwind sailing & gybing
Upwind sailing & tacking
Basic knots
Right of way rules
Steering & sail trim
Person overboard recovery
Basic theory

Inclusions: Course kit including RYA competent crew handbook, RYA log book, sunglasses strap, sailing magazine. Insurance, safety equipment and use of spray jackets plus RYA Start Yachting course certificate on completion.



$575 = 4x3 hour lessons, 1 theory class and a Free yacht race


02 9327 1166

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