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The Big Foozle Open Mic at Atura Blacktown

Come out for a great afternoon in a funky venue. It's a supportive, family friendly environment where musicians can hone their skills and network with other, like minded musos. Take advantage of our Loyalty Program.…


The Life Story Of Elvis Presley

Presented like no other show around - this is the narrated and performed Life Story of Elvis Aaron Presley.No impersonators, no tributes, a simple and exceptional presentation of the world's greatest rock n roll star of…


Sydney Eisteddfod Choirs at The Concourse

A unique snapshot of Australian choral performance, Sydney Eisteddfod presents a program of events for choirs of all ages and genres that attracts choristers from all over Australia as well as internationally. For full…


Tap Gallery

Since 1989, The TAP has grown to become Sydney's largest un-curated visual and performance arts venue. In that time we've helped a diverse spectrum of artists and performers showcase their talents, with notable…


Fusion Art Exhibition

The UB Art Shack is a new unique venue in Glenorie on the way to Wisemans Ferry. The Shack is showcasing Art, Photography and Fusion Art set in a warm and rustic atmosphere. Experience different Art in a different…



Fluidity is body of work by acclaimed artists Catriona Pollard and Karen Visser which applies a fluid perspective to nature and explores form and texture in two very different ways: sculpture using foraged natural…

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