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SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2018 | Cake Industries

Artist duo Jesse Stevens & Dean Petersen, aka Cake Industries, are inspired by alternate realities and 1950s science fiction dystopias. They rework everyday objects using robotics, mechatronics, carpentry and 3D…



Set frame. Take back. Tell. Seventeen leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and collectives pull culture and its survival into focus through a powerful and multifaceted exhibition that embraces tradition…


Golden Ridge Animal Farm

Family Visit Information Our address is 686 Old Northern Road Dural, the entrance is in Wyoming Road On weekends and public holidays you must arrive around 10.45 am. The activities will start at 11:00 am and the farm…


SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2018 | Glitterbox

Glitterbox is a one-of-a-kind party experience, created by Sydney-based performance art partnership zin. Bring your friends, pick your favourite song, and cut loose in a glowing, glitter-filled rave cube while the…


Quad Bike Adventure Tour

Challenge yourself with this adrenalin-fueled Quad Bike tour, right in the middle of Sydney at Eastern Creek. Explore kilometres of bush track, test your mettle on the big downhill and bump your way over numerous jumps…

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