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Tap Gallery

Since 1989, The TAP has grown to become Sydney's largest un-curated visual and performance arts venue. In that time we've helped a diverse spectrum of artists and performers showcase their talents, with notable…


The Lady and The Unicorn

The Lady and the Unicorn tapestry series is one of the greatest surviving textiles from the European Middle Ages; a rare masterpiece of French art. Travelling for only the third time outside France since the series was…


Measured Response

Measured Response brings together contemporary Aboriginal perspectives that engage with bodily and spiritual practices of art-making and often use themselves as a point of reference for measurement and creation; a…


The 2018 Spanish Film Festival

The Spanish Film Festival returns this April with 23 transporting films, presented by Palace Cinemas.The festival opens with the dance-floor comedy The Tribe, starring Paco León and Carmen Machi, following a…


German Film Festival

After a break last year, German-made and co-produced films return in a nationwide festival to Australian cinemas showcasing the best cinematic talent Germany has to offer and boasting a program curated with exclusively…

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