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Mayfield, Australia’s hidden gem; a visitor destination like no other. Originally created to be one of the world’s largest privately-owned cool climate gardens, now has become the artistic and entertainment…


Dead Cat Bounce

As if their 20-year age gap wasn’t trouble enough, Matilda’s fighting for space with Gabe’s long-time bedfellows: misery, booze and writerly angst. She’s not even convinced he’s over his…


Angels in America [Sydney Mardi Gras 2019]

Apocalypse Theatre Company, in association with Red Line Productions at the Old Fitz Theatre, presents ANGELS IN AMERICAPT. I & IIby Tony KushnerDirected by Dino Dimitriadis“An unparalleled depiction of the…


Russian Transport

A powerful and suspenseful drama, Russian Transport follows an immigrant Russian family struggling to survive in Brooklyn, New York. Fishy Productions, in association with Darlinghurst Theatre Company, is thrilled to be…


Ronn Moss: An Evening of Songs and Stories

You may know him as the silver-tongued fashion magnate of the Forrest family fashion empire, displayed in all their opulence and naughty schemes in Bold & The Beautiful. However, there’s more to the story of…


Glenn Bidmead Songs Of Life, Love & Lust tour

M@SM presentsGlenn BidmeadSongs Of Life, Love & Lust tourA lead singer & guitarist in Matt Finish for some years Glenn fronted 'Kerosene' with Kere Buchanan & his pet-project psychedelic/rock band,…


Tap Gallery

Since 1989, The TAP has grown to become Sydney's largest un-curated visual and performance arts venue. In that time we've helped a diverse spectrum of artists and performers showcase their talents, with notable…

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