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Beethoven's Fifth

Is there a better-known moment in classical music than the opening of this symphony? Sydney Youth Orchestra and its Chief, Alexander Briger take on the most famous work from thirty-something Ludwig van’s…


Beethoven’s Fifth

Those first four notes. Three short, one long. Instantly, classical music was atomised, the symphonic form stripped down and readied for an upgrade and a fresh install. Music from a little over two hundred years ago…


Coro Austral presents JEWELS OF LATIN AMERICA

Why are Astor Piazzola, Violeta Parra and Compay Segundo so revered?What do 'Chan Chan', 'Besame Mucho' and the Swingle Singers have in common?___________________You can find the answers in JEWELS OF LATIN AMERICA, a…


Tap Gallery

Since 1989, The TAP has grown to become Sydney's largest un-curated visual and performance arts venue. In that time we've helped a diverse spectrum of artists and performers showcase their talents, with notable…


Identities by Jan-Maree Oliveira

Historically, being fashionable was about perfect coordination, and following trends. While trends still mandate current fashion, there is now more importance placed on self-expression and individuality. Jan-Maree…


Rozelle Collectors Markets

The Market has now grown to its maximum of 100 stalls each Saturday and Sunday and has become the place to find a huge array of second hand goods. There are a few new and craft stalls also. Garage sale stalls are a…

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