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Museum of Contemporary Art

Welcome to the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA), Australia’s leading museum dedicated to exhibiting, collecting and interpreting the work of today’s artists. We celebrate the work of living…


Join the Dots Window Exhibition

In response to the changing nature of social gathering, Join the Dots artists have come together to present a new street-facing exhibition, reinvigorating the streets of Marrickville and leading a COVID-recovery for the…


Steam Dreams: The Japanese Public Bath

Steam Dreams: The Japanese Public Bath plunges into the world of sento—the history of the public bath, the importance of its preservation and the future of Japanese communal bathing culture. Through a diverse…


Air Water Love

Explore contemporary art from a cross-cultural women's perspective on climate change.AIR WATER LOVE is a contemporary art exhibition presented by the CHINA CULTURAL CENTRE SYDNEY in support of INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY,…


Human Mart

Anti-Slavery Australia has opened the world's first supermarket 'selling human beings'. It’s 2021 and slavery still exists right here in Australia. This week, Anti-Slavery Australia opens the world’s first…

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