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Holding Achilles

Love in war and exile LEGS ON THE WALL & DEAD PUPPET SOCIETY Adopted by Achilles’ father, Patroclus initially faces hostility from the young hero. But thrust together to train under the centaur Chiron, a…


In Chamber

Poetry and soundscapes in solitude Lock yourself in solitude inside the safe of an Art Deco hotel. Alabaster DePlume has prepared a piece, in isolation, for you to experience, in your own isolation. Poetry and…



Australia’s finest collaborators seize the moment In ancient Greek, Kairos is “the right or opportune moment for doing, a moment that cannot be scheduled.” That moment is now for director Meryl…


Dyin Nura (Women's Place)

Celebration and reflection on Dharug land Brenda L Croft’s commanding portrait photography is projected across Old Government House, illuminating the site’s enduring significance for First Nations women.…



The no-clues title of James Thierrée’s latest work of surreal theatrical imagination barely scratches the surface of what you will see. ROOM is the most ambitious work yet from the Swiss-born…


The Artist

The art of clowning There’s a leak in the ceiling. The paint pots are too high on the shelf. The picture frame isn’t square enough.Nothing is going right for The Artist as he attempts to create a still life…


Janet’s Vagrant Love

Hard truths, humour and heartfelt song told in a commanding performance Hard-hitting truths about raising young Blak men as a single mum, delivered in a beautiful blend of music, drama and wry wit.  Janet’s…


Cupid’s Koi Garden

A wonderland of sound and splash A magical marine world awaits in Cupid’s Koi Garden, a six-metre-tall immersive water-play installation splashing summer fun on all within reach.Within the world’s…

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