Events on 1 February 2020


Cabaret La Belle Rose dinner & show

A fun Parisian dinner theatre experienceReminiscent of Parisian cabaret of the 19th Century… where artists would gather eat, drink, share their art form and philosophies, Cabaret La Belle Rose comprises of two 30…


Australian Museum of Magical Arts

Spoil yourself with a secret affair and discover the secrets of magicThe history of magic as an art form has been shrouded in mystery in order to protect its secrets, often being handed down verbally from magician to…


Sydney Harbour Dinner & Latino Show Cruise

Planning a night out or a special occasion? Your guests will be sure to enjoy the exciting beat of our entertaining dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour!Come on board and let your senses be indulged with explosive…


Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruise with Live Jazz

FEATURING LIVE JAZZ MUSIC ON SYDNEY HARBOURCruise Sydney Harbour enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and amazing views!What better way to enjoy lunch time than on Sydney Harbour?Come aboard and sway to the rhythms of live…


El' Circo: Sydney's famous circus degustation

El' Circo is a spellbinding circus degustation served in a world of gravity defying entertainment. Step inside, the magic awaits...Part circus, part fine-dining experience and entirely original, El’ Circo is a…


The Spooky Men in Concert

Joyous, Cheeky Men’s Choir for February Feast THE SPOOKY MEN’S CHORALE IN CONCERT AT THE INDEPENDENT Comic Choral Capers Launch Supper & Song Series on Sunday Feb 16 The Spooky Men’s…

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