1 Liner - Review

Reviewed by Erica Enriquez

Venue: Hive Bar, 93 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville
Performance Times:
Tuesday 23rd September at 9pm
Friday 26th September at 7.15pm
Ticket Prices: $17.20 / $14.20 conc. (incl. booking fee)


Comedy Review
"Choose your words wisely", we've been told, " because they can't be forgotten". Comedian Sean Morahan has based his performance for this year's Sydney Fringe Comedy on this concept, with 1 Liner, where opposite ideas collide, and the classic comedy template is smashed to smithereens.

It's a show that Morahan's already performed at the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival, so his opening night in Sydney wasn't the inaugural show, but you could see that Morahan wanted this to be a good gig. Stakes were high, nerves were felt but the audience, happy to see a down-to-earth performance rather than an overly slick performance with no spirit or soul, were clearly on his side.

Most people will find Morahan's delivery somewhat endearing. He's like an everyman - he's gone from working as a labourer, car salesman and even a private investigator, before he realized his passion was in comedy. He talks about his experiences in his act, and the audience, a Friday night, after work crown, were more than happy to cheer him on as he explained weird office politics and odd management speak.

Morahan's aware that his gig as a comedian is a blessing, even starting with, "They said I was a one-liner comedian and couldn't be a storyteller comedian. Tonight I prove them wrong: Once upon a time there was a comedian who told the following one-liners...". And with that ... BOOM! The show cranks on!

The idea of a one liner doesn't just apply to the delivery of his jokes, but also to his own personal philosophy about different points of view, and if you're so far on either end of the viewpoint spectrum, you're actually meeting at the same point, essentially in one straight line. While he did get a little bit political, it wasn't enough to turn you off, because his Joe Public persona helps get his viewpoint over the line.

Overall, Sean Morahan's 1 Liner show for the Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival is a charming night out, akin to having a drink with a mate after a long week. Which is what we were all treated to, really.