And Now To Bed - Review

Reviewed by Chloe Ribas

Composed of 7 stories represented by 7 actors, And Now to Bed is a series of monologues.

The director's art lies in pairing up his actors with writers to bring to life unique personal stories. In this instance, the stories are all in their own particular way about: sex.

The beauty of sex, the awkwardness of sex, the reality of sex but most importantly honest storytelling of sex.

The actors get rid of the 4th wall and share their stories directly with the the audience. They talk to you, look at you, play with you. When one of them is in the storytelling spotlight, the others are, like us, part of the audience.

The concept is interesting, but executed in a heavy handed manner. The level of theatrical confidence amongst the actors varied greatly making it at times little hard to engage with. There seemed to be a need to shock by dramatizing the stories or over using words like ‘sex, pussy, cock' which interestingly made many members of the audience laugh hysterically. On the other hand where it lacked subtlety it made up for energy.
If you're after a light-hearted performance this could be the show for you. Nicely located on the 4th floor at the FBi you're already conveniently located in the perfect venue to have a drink before the show or after the show, or even both.