Bring it On the Musical - Review

Reviewed by Nicole Patterson

‘Bring it On the Musical' is a zingy spectacle of callisthenics and playfulness now showing at the NIDA Auditorium.

It is the first time it has been performed on our shores, thanks to the vision of three producers whose aim was to give an ensemble an opportunity to flaunt their stuff and rival the best.

With a basic plot of schools pitted against schools, eager to win the big prize in a dance off, the script is filled with loads of American vernacular, (think shows like ‘Perfect Pitch, and ‘High School Musical).'

When Campbell, captain of the squad of cheerleaders of ‘Truman High' receives news she will be moving to ‘Jackson High,' thanks to a re-zoning issue, her dreams of cheerleading are quashed.

That is until she meets some of the crew, some hip hop outsiders from the other side of the track whom she quickly learns can really move. All she has to do is convince them to accept her into their posse' and enter the National dance off.

Not surprisingly she finds herself up against her old generic looking squad and with that comes the second half where the best moments of the show, when the talent are on stage dancing together.

This musical is full of vim and over the top nuances fitting for such writing, though there is some token characters, whose presence didn't make much sense, hence we could have done without.

Performances are earnest from a cast who orbit the stage, acting, singing and dancing, a triple threat for a career in musical theatre.

The choice of lighting felt like it would be better suited for an arena and yet the music under the direction of Anne-Maree McDonald was flawless.

Directed by Rod Herbert

Choreography by Tracey Rasmussen and Melissa McKenzie

NIDA Parade Theatre - 9 July, 2015.