Circaholics Anonymous

Meet a band of performers who like to play with fire. 
The show went on despite the threat of rain, which thankfully stayed away for the 30 minute performance in the courtyard of the Pact Theatre last night.The show is part of the Sydney Fringe Festival and was a free show, though donations were much appreciated.

There were six performs, three male, three female. They showed off their skills at tossing and twirling fire. Each routine in the show had a theme so there were duels and fighing conquests. There was an elegant duet firedance between two of the women. The space they were performing in was fairly tight and at times it was rather nail biting. The flame sword fighting was amazing.

It was well choreographed, my only negative was that it looked rather forced as if they were not yet 100% comfortable with the routines. Though they did make the actual fire tossing etc look much easier than I expect it is! They are an impressive, well organised and turned out troupe and obviously enjoy what they do.

It was a show for everyone, the kids loved it in particular.

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