Daylight Saving by Nick Enright - Review

Darlinghurst Theatre have once more produced at great show for Sydneysiders. Daylight Saving is a romantic comedy but it is not a wishy washy drama piece. Oh no there was one scene in the second half where I couldn't stop laughing and another part where I cringing with delight with the farcical nature of the story!

Meet Felicity (Rachel Gordon) a lonely wife who has a visit from an old flame, Joshua (Ian Stenlake) and decides to go back in time to 1969 and relive the passion of that long lost summer. However, Felicity is married to Tom (Christopher Stollery), but the marriage lacks passion and she is lonely. Tom manages the tennis star Jason Strutt (Jocob Warner). Jason is high maintenance so much of Tom's time is taken up looking after him. Butty (Belinda Giblin) is Felicity's Mum. She is a typical mum. She thinks she is helping but in actual fact she is just getting in the way and making matter worse. However, she does do some good in the end by sorting out Felicity's restaurant. Like most Mum's where there is a job to do, they get it done. The last character is Stephanie (Helen Dallimore), and what a character she is. Totally self- absorbed and doesn't listen to a word anybody else says! And so the farce is set can Joshua and Felicity have their night of passion or are there forces against them?

When you meet Jason Strutt I can guarantee you will be laughing, if not there is something wrong with you! The play is full of one-liners. It is brilliantly staged and cast even when Tom removes his mobile phone from his briefcase causes a giggle from the audience.

Daylight Saving is playing at the Eternity Playhouse. If you haven't been to this theatre yet, you should, it is a great new space (well a year old now).

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(Images credited to Helen White)