Dream Home by David Williamson Review

Guy Edmonds and Haiha Le star in the world premiere of Dream Home written and directed by David Williamson.

Dream home is a seriously funny comedy about Paul (Guy Edmonds) and Dana (Haiha Le). They finally manage to buy a place just in time for the baby to arrive.  But all was not what it seemed. Inspired by David's children's experiences in getting their own place. This is a comical look at life in a unit block. Everyone who has lived in a unit will have experienced one or more of the antics that take place.

Sam (Justin Stewart Cotta), a Lebanese Lion owns a security company and as a Lion, he can't be seen to back down. Paul has inadvertently parked in his parking spot and he is not happy. Paul's character is opposite to Sam's. Paul is a passive person who likes to negotiate his way out of a situation. The characters change and develop throughout the play. Sam reveals his softer more vunerable side and Paul, well I will spoil the end if I say!

To make things even more tense in the block Sam is married to Paul's ex-girlfriend, Colette (Libby Munro). Sam has told Colette that if he ever finds her ex-boyfriend he will cut off his male manhood! Also, in the block is Henry (Alan Flowers) and Cynthia (Olivia Pigeot) an unhappily sex starved married couple. Henry, it turns out has a sexual fantasy and his wife tries to seduce Paul. Finally there is Wilma (Katrina Foster) who lives opposite and also propositions Paul. Throughout the play Paul is pull and pushed by all the characters, who all decide that he makes a great confidant. He tries his best to keep everyone happy, almost to the detriment of his marriage.

The set was simple, effective and functional. The costumes designed by Marissa Dale-Johnson (she was also the set designer) were excellent. I particularly liked Cynthia's costuming. The women wore some great shoes too. Sam had an amazing lion temporary tattoo on his arm, even close up, which I saw it after the show, it looked real.

I thought this was a great play and a great production. At the end of the first half I had sore cheeks from smiling and laughing. The whole audience spent much of the night erupting in laughter. Some say it is not David Williamson's best work, but I don't think that matters at the end of the day as long as it is entertaining.

Dream Home is playing at the Ensemble Theatre until 28 March.