Festival of Dreams - Review

Venue: Hordern Pavilion (1 Driver Avenue, Moore Park)
When: Saturday, 23rd August to Sunday, 24th August 2014
Ticket Prices: $18 prepaid, or $25 at the door
Review by: Erica Enriquez

Event review:
There is something about the way we live today that is making everyone search for more. More meaning in their lifestyle, more reason for doing what we do. We're no longer happy to sit back and watch as we follow the status quo, we're after direction and we want to add significance in all we do.

So, on a rainy Saturday morning, I found myself at the inaugural Festival of Dreams, a two-day festival touting itself as " a weekend of spiritual stimulation and an ambience of togetherness".

Think MindBodySpirit festival, but less overwhelming. Organised by Rosie Shaloub, who also runs Embrace Australia in Miranda, Festival of Dreams offered attendees a new kind of spirituality, and for someone like me who is always keen to discover new ways of finding the light, this was straight up my alley.

Many festival attendees were there to see a range of renowned guests, like Feng Shui expert and author Master Siou Foon Lee, teacher and psychic (and a regular on TV and radio) Harry T or the festival's leading guest, Lisa Williams, who has made her name internationally as a popular medium with her own TV show, Life Among the Dead.

There were others, like me, who simply walked the Hordern Pavilion soaking in the atmosphere of positivity and peace, loving the fact that like-minded individuals (both in attendance and stallholders) all shared the same views and experiences.

There were herbalists and tea specialists, chakra practitioners and crystal healers. I had a "TrueFace" reading with Psychosomatic Therapist and Trainer, Linda Thackray from Finding Magic Within, and had a near emotional breakdown in her stall .. and it wasn't even midday. I discovered Tom Grimshaw from Healthelicious, with a stall brimming with healthy food and nutritious minerals. I was captivated by the beautiful jewellery and art displayed by Jess and Jed from Third Eye Jewellery, and walked away with a beautiful piece that I will treasure forever.

To ensure you were never lost, festival "angels" roamed the hall - yes, they were dressed like angels and yes, they were amazingly friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was heightened by live music and performances. Ever seen Native American dancing performed outside of the USA? I hadn't .. until this event.

All in all, Festival of Dreams was indeed a dream event. It was packed with loads of amazing stalls run by a range of different practitioners, whose collective knowledge of all things health, wellbeing and spirituality meant that you could never put a foot wrong in the place. All you had to do was find your bliss.