Gaybies by Dean Bryant - Review

Dean Bryant wanted to answer the question "but what about the children?" He went in search of gay couples and their families in Australia and New Zealand. He interviewed children and adults of all ages, asking about their lives and childhood and the effect of having same sex parents had on their upbringing.  He then put their words together to form a piece that actors could reproduce and give the audience an insight into the raising of children in a gay environment.

The work brings out all aspects of family life and more. It talks about the death of a partner, falling in love, how people met, divorce; all the same aspects as a heterosexual marriage. But then there was talk of aids and gay marriage, which of course is very much on the agenda at the moment. It talked about the minor point of how to address Mum when there were two.  It briefly touched on how children coped at school and what they told their friends.

The actors played multiple roles and different ages. The stories were interspersed with music.

The concept of this production is, in my opinion a good one. However, this production jumps around between characters a bit too much. It may have just been me but I got lost on a number of occasions. It would have been good to have had children actors, rather than the adults pretending to be children. I also felt that some of the issues were rather over address and definitely towards the end I was not hearing anything new.  There was very little negativity in the stories as well, so I wonder if this really was a true representation.

It was entertaining and often very funny and it did seem to covered all the major gay issues.

Gaybies is playing at the Eternity Playhouse until 8 March.

Photos by Helen White