Go Back For Murder

More than half a century after Agatha Christie adapted ‘Go Back for Murder’ for the British stage, Sydney audiences have the pleasure of seeing the play this spring.

Showing at the Genesian Theatre until October 3, ‘Go Back for Murder’ is the complex story of a murder revisited years after the supposed murderer has been found guilty and hanged. So, we know who did it and how…or we think we do; until the convicted woman’s daughter returns from Canada to rake over the coals and uncover the truth.

Originally published as the novel ‘Five Little Pigs’, this complicated narrative takes us through a multitude of characters, timelines and plot points.

Director, Michael Heming, uses deceptively simple techniques to draw the eleven-member cast through sparse lines and pared down sets to deliver this clever who-done-it.

David Hopkins and Tamryn Liddel head the cast who deliver solid performances and enthuse us with their obvious enjoyment and savouring of the story—each vignette gives us just enough information, without ever losing our interest or lessening the scent of the trail.

If you love Christie, you’ll love this play.


Genesian Theatre 22 August-3 October 2015.