It's Rubee! In Lights! - Review

Reviewed by Regi Su

Photo credits to Christopher Starnawski

Showing as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival, Rubee Sookee presents her one woman whirlwind show "It's Rubee! In Lights!" at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville.

For context, the performance is "set in an imaginative world where toys come to life, Rubee awake to find Colin the Teddy Bear still drunk and in despair. He's broken up with his boyfriend and Rubee decides he needs cheering up."

Her performance shows her esoteric view of the world which flows in a series of short sketches, many of which are quirky commentaries of real life. It was in these skits, (particularly 'Desperate Girl At Party',) that I identified with the dramatic material. Rubee is great at shining a light on the absurdity of life. The sketches are also made dynamic by being interspersed with a few musical numbers, bringing a comedic twist to Beyonce and Kylie Minogue tracks with the help of friend and back up dancer, Levi.

To top off her routine, Rubee presents stand up and one liners that borderline caricature through impersonations and tasteful black humour. Her show is simple, yet so effective and although her sketches lack a common thread or explanation, each skit holds dignity and integrity. They stand alone as snapshots of life's moments.

Rubee says she was inspired by the age-old wonder and awe that comes with holding conversations with your toys and staging scenes with them in your bedroom. It is in this way that her use of prop is quite creative and elements of the imaginary really add to the performance.

Having started in university revues and presenting her material in the 2014 Sydney Fringe Festival, Rubee has made it to the Sydney Comedy Festival and should be congratulated. Her genuine sincerity and playfulness make her performance as unique from the rest and she seems to exude a tremendous passion for making people laugh, which really comes across on stage. I'm keen to see her consolidate her and see what she does next.