Legends - Review

Reviewed by Nicole Patterson

It's not often you get to see such fine acting from thespians who have tread the boards for years.

'Legends' is a play written by James Kirkwood (A Chorus Line) and was first performed in 1986. The play centres on two ageing rival film stars, the sardonic Sylvia Glenn (Juliet Mills) and a sneering Leatrice Monsee' (Hayley Mills).

Looking for a renaissance in their careers and some money to boot, they are courted by wheeler and dealer, producer, Martin Lemmer (Maxwell Caulfield) who convinces the two stars who loathe each other, to act together in his play he says will be shown in Broadway, albeit a few streets back.

'Legends' is billed as a comedy and whilst the actors are formidable, and the phrasing and delivery perfect, the script seems passe' even with the inclusion of some zeitgeist references.

There are some great moments though, the scene where they have some special voodoo juju cookies that causes them to want to clean the house, the result being some hilarious moments of physical comedy, a stand out performance by Sassy Maid Aretha (Leah Howard), and the chance to see great stripping and dancing by boom boom (David Dennis).

Max Caulfield adds great energy to the play, and the scene where he is handling three different phones ringing at the subway is a highlight.

The show belongs to the performers who I would love to see in a more substantial play.

Theatre Royal until July 5.