Matty B: Flanno Worries - Review


Review by Regina Su

From the 30th of September until the 4th of October, Matty B brings to audiences the inspiring story of entrepreneur, Neville, in his comedy show Flanno Worries during the Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival. Matty B, also known as the Philosophical Bogan, returns  for his second solo show Flanno Worries, and this is an interesting diversion from his pervious material.

I caught Matty B’s stand-up comedy at the Friend In Hand and was very pleased to see his return for the Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival. I was also pleasantly surprised by his change in direction. Last time I saw him, I felt that the humour of his gags lay in the words and the delivery and that his strength lay in storytelling. See, Matty B is so eloquent and smooth with his language. He’s poetic and lyrical with his control and descriptions.

Flanno Worries is just that, a story. Matty B has adopted the Aussie tradition of ripping yarns, and this comedy show is a creative reimagining of this oral tradition. He weaves a tale following the life of Neville, a man who falls into good fortune. We track Neville’s rises and falls, we sympathise with his constant bad luck, applaud him for his entrepreneurial genius and laugh at the errors of his ways. Accompanied by acoustic guitar, Matty B creates his own atmosphere and ambience while adding texture to the narrative.

Matty B’s humour is very detailed and observant, his tone is undercutting, dry and cynical. He astutely draws attention to inherent flaws in the human experience. He uses visceral imagery to paint a vivid picture in the mind of the listener and he uses hilarious comparisons and allegories. It’s absurd at the best of times and offers a uniquely esoteric perspective. The content can be dark and gritty at times, so it’s definitely an adult night out.

The Other Room at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville creates a very intimate space and is a great venue for this show. Matty B is an experience and I’m excited to see what he does next. 


Photo credits: Sydney Fringe Comedy