More Sex, Death and Chocolate Review

More Sex, Death and Chocolate is currently playing at the Star of the Sea Theatre in Manly. It is presented by Factory Space Theatre. The work is a collaboration between Alex Broun, Emma Watson, Genieve Mortiss, James Hazelden, Julia Lewis, Micah Joel, Pete Malicki, Sky Yeager & Therese Cloonan. It worked too, they have managed to make one play out so many and still be true to the original scripts. All the plays have a similar theme mainly revolving around death and they are all linked together by Zephon played by Karoline O'Sullivan. Zephon is or was a angel, but she longs to be human. So she steals the body of a recent suicide victim so she can experience what is it like to be human, to experience free will. She discovers however that being human is very complicated, so many things to think about, so many decisions and certainly too many things to worry about.

The scene with Margaret Thatcher was very funny, Margaret (Sandra Bass) and St Peter (James Belfrage),  "Thatcher vs God," by Genevieve Mortiss. She doesn't stand for any of the accusations that St Peter at the gates of heaven throws at her, no in fact she has a huge pop at God and what he has done in the past. In the second half there were two scenes that really stood out ...... with Jen (Amanda Jermyn) and Aggy (Elly Hiraani Clapin). It was extremely moving and almost brought me to tears it was so well done. The other was Abraham (Rob White) and Jen (Amanda Jermyn) who take a tram ride together in Diabolical. It was a clever look at life and if you do the Seduko in the paper, this will make you laugh. I thought the whole production was a little long and some of Zephon's monoluges could have been shorter, plus the "But I'll miss it" didn't fit as well as the other as it was more surreal. However, all the actors were brilliant in their roles. Karoline in particular kept the play moving, involved the audience and was utterly brilliant.

The whole production was very well directed by Roz Riley. The staging was kept simple but fluid as the actors changed the props as they went. There were quite a few, but as far as I was aware none were forgotten! The lighting was very effective too. 

It is well worth seeing, so if you fancy a look book your tickets here.