Orphans - Review

Reviewed by Chloe Ribas

Orphans by Lyle Kessler, directed by Anthony Gooley, performed by Danny Adcock, Aaron Glenane and Andrew Henry

What a fantastic performance! You won't be leaving the theatre feeling indifferent and I highly encourage you to see this performance for yourself.

Hidden in a cosy pub in Woolloomooloo, we enter Philip and Treats world taking us to Philadelphia, USA.

The nicely staged run down apartment introduces the audience to the two brothers: Philip a sheltered and agoraphobic young man and his older brother Treat, a violent pickpocket thief who provides for this younger brother.

Harold, the third character is the pivotal role, he enters to disrupt and brings change in Treat and Philips world.

The actors do a wonderful job at expressing small nuances that shift their characters, from anger to fear, from fear to freedom, freedom to feeling.

Treat takes you on a journey where he learns how to tame his energy, Philip will transit from his fearful agoraphobic character to a young man who finds his voice and confidence and finally Harold, the old man who is at the heart of the disruption plays the father figure.

At the end of the performance the 3 brilliant actors came back on stage to receive a heartfelt standing ovation from the audience. Happy to see I wasn't the only one to have found their performance wonderful.