Rupert - Review

Whatever you think of Rupert Murdock you should enjoy this portrayal of his life. James Cromwell Plays Rupert looking back at how he started out to where he is now. He looks at his family life and how he turned failing papers into successful ones. He also looks at how he plays a part in the political outcomes in the UK and Australia and how these connections helped him build an empire without having to worry about the monopolies commission. It gives you an insight into the man who is very self driven and doesn't for one moment think he will fail. It is this self belief that drives many entrepreneurs.

James commands the stage including his younger self. There is a friendly camaraderie between the two. The whole production though heavy in content is light in mood.

Guy Edmonds plays his younger self, they are many changes as the ten actors play the multiply characters in his life. Jane Turner plays Margaret Thatcher. It is a great performance by all the actors and as James warns a few may come out nude as they were very quick. Luckily none of them did.