Sempre Libera

Sempre Libera is a daring cross-over of opera, jazz, metal, dance and puppetry. It is a premiere performance at Albert Street Studios in North Parramatta which,  for the past 15 months, has been gradually transformed into the Centre for Hybrid Arts, providing a valuable community space for artists and arts-participants.

Sempre Libera was a fringe style performance. Sarah Toth (soprano) had an amazing voice and really kept you mesmerized. It was a short performance but one that had you laughing and admiring at the same time. There was one song towards the end which was an amazing fusion of opera and metal.

It was all a little off the wall with a bath, bed and a light box for a set. The Albert Street Studio was, however the perfect venue. The live music in the corner was excellent and the whole performance was well put together.

It is well worth seeing especially if you never seen opera but always wanted to then you might want to try this. And if you are looking for something unsual then look no further.

Direction - Michal Imielski
Music Direction - Holly Champion
Choreography - Cloe Fournier
Concept - Peter Maple, Michal Imielski
Soprano - Sarah Toth
Tenor - Damien Noyce
Metal - Joss Separovic
Percussion - Kaylie Dunstan