The Sydney Fringe Festival is a glorious time of growth and celebration for the Sydney arts scene. A time when new performers get a chance to debut their stylings and further their craft in a custom-fitted format among their peers, and a time where seasoned, well known artists get to try a new concept and create their next big hit.

A significant part of The Sydney Fringe Festival is an ever-growing comedy program, spreading across the city, with Marrickville's Factory Theatre as its central hub.

As an audience member, this is your chance to see emerging and established comic talent baring their soul and digging deep to find ‘the funny' and bring it to you; fresh, raw and ready to enjoy.

There are literally over 100 reasons to see some comedy at this year's Sydney Fringe.
Here are just three, and they're all gold, all killer and no filler....

MATTY B - ‘Philosophical Bogan'
Wed 24, Fri 26 September
The Factory Theatre, Marrickville

What happens when you grow up in a small country town and your father is a Doctor of Psychology? You turn out to be an extremely Philosophical Bogan!

This is the premise of an exciting new show from one of the hottest rising stars on the scene, who has wowed, critics, audiences and his big name peers with razor sharp writing and laid-back charm.

Rapid fire one liners and an absurdist outlook on life take centre stage as Matty guides us through stories involving Aldi, racism, pizza delivery, drinking rum from a can, council clean up and so much more. His jokes are the kind you're going to want to remember to tell your friends later. So if you have a bad memory, you can buy his debut album, ‘Philosophical Bogan' (released earlier this year) and memorise the jokes later.


DOUG SUITER - ‘Near Mrs'
Thurs 18, Sat 20 and Sun 21 September
The Factory Theatre, Marrickville

Comedian, writer, editor, voice-over artist, Raw Comedy State Finalist, comedy producer and all round nice guy, Doug Suiter, has not only decided to do a Festival show, but he's gone for ‘double jeopardy' and made it his most personal and brutally honest comedy endeavour.

Doug's show, ‘Near Mrs', acknowledges that a successful marriage takes work, but asks; what about a successful breakup? That takes a truly special relationship.

The show deals with the complications that arise in a long-term relationship where one party wants to get married and have kids, while the other party (Doug) just sees all that stuff as the end of the party.

Doug says: "Lacking a parental instinct is kind of like not getting a joke: having it explained to you isn't going to help."

NICK SUN - ‘Deleted for legal reasons'
Tues 23 - Sat 28 September
The Factory Theatre, Marrickville

Once upon a time in a FICTIONAL (for legal reasons) land, a struggling comedian who paid his rent by working at a lowly call centre, finally got his big break when he was asked to be the host of (DELETED FOR LEGAL REASONS) for the (DELETED FOR LEGAL REASONS) Television Network. Everything seemed to be looking up when suddenly he was fired because (DELETED FOR LEGAL REASONS).

This is the premise of the latest show from Nick Sun; 2004 Raw Comedy Winner, and one of the most daring comedic voices on the local and international scene.
If you like your comedy raw, dark, honest and uncensored (well except for the things his lawyer tells him he cant say), then this show is for you.
If you like your comedy commercial and prime time, then send along a friend who will dig a down-and-dirty expose into showbiz, from a man who danced with the devil and has the scars to prove it.

You'll never see anything this real on television. This is a true hero to zero story, told by one of Australia's best storytellers, which is handy.

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By Dane Hiser
@DaneHiser on Twitter