The Canopy at The Sheaf Launch

Review by Regina Su

As twilight slowly faded, the creatures of the twilight came out. Bejewelled and boat shoed beings slipped from the side streets of Double Bay and paraded into The Sheaf on New South Head road. They didn't stop there, they thirsted for something more, something higher, something that would promise respite from the stifling Sydney humidity. They danced rhrough the dappled light from the fig tree in the courtyard and, up the side stairs to The Canopy; a new space above The Sheaf. 

The Canopy seems to operate on another clock. Opening at 5pm, it unwinds the day, teases out your tension and asks nothing more from you than to while away your summer. 

High up in the canopy of the fig tree, the space is botanical themed; moss greens, deep jades and climbing ivy adorned the walls. As the fairy lights twinkle in the momentary movement of the light zephyr, you find yourself perched high above suburbia.  

Upon arrival, I was serenaded with a Veuve Clicquot to celebrate the launch, and felt immediately at ease with the warm staff and hospitality.  The Canopy boasts a great range of gins, tonics and well matched garnishes. Their Lighthouse Gin was served with dehydrated orange and lavender, offering a crisp aromatic freshness to a very clean gin. The Pacific Pearl Punch Cocktail was the very essence of summer in a glass, celebrating notes of passionfruit, fresh mint and hibiscus tea. To keep the wolces away, there were bountiful charcuterie boards, laden with fine delicacies and delicious meats. 

I sat back and actually induced myself back in Bangkok- the trendy, relaxed aesthetic was a similar change of pace. In fact, The Canopy should be commended for capturing this ambience. They've paid close attention to detail, in the lush greenery, encased scientific oddities, mosaic tables and framed botanical specimens like framed butterflies and press dried flora. The DJ created a perfect pulse to set the atmosphere. 

The Canopy is a fresh new space for summer. A relaxed retreat, with an air of elegance and a touch sophistication.


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